4 ways to use Backstory

As more people add Backstory to their pages, we want to highlight some of the diverse ways they’re using the tool. Some people are using Backstory to look for jobs or clients, show off their portfolios or simply give a more well rounded view of themselves, inspiring others to connect with them.

Cate Misczuk, in our header photo, is a great example of someone who is open to new opportunities and experiences. A journalist especially interested in the fields of Global Studies and Geography, she’s added a map to her Backstory to indicate that she’s open to jobs in Europe.Nick Chmura

Not only does Nick Chmura have a compelling bio, he uses a great quote, by Philip Glass, in his Backstory to describe his work ethic. “You get up early in the morning and you work all day. That’s the only secret.”

Simran Sat Sangeet

 Simran Sat Sangeet has an especially nice resume section on her Backstory which shows off her current role as a consultant and inspires confidence in potential clients with her work experience and education.

Justin Johnson

 An art director at a start-up near Chicago, Justin Johnson makes great use of the Links section of his Backstory to highlight his professional websites and projects . He uses the apps in his Bio Box to show his more personal side.

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