All about social: Media and Entrepreneurs

Looking to spruce up your page? Look no further than these four amazing pages!  With their great pictures and fascinating stories they serve as examples of great pages for anyone looking to improve theirs!

Claudia Cheung, in our header photo, is an aspiring social media specialist working her way up. Currently, she’s hosting a television show in a Chinese subscribed channel, Fairchild Television, and working at the Seneca Sandbox as a digital media assistant. While she currently lives in Canada she dreams of living in London or Hong Kong. 

Simon Willows

A music video, animations and commercials director, Simon Willows founded a collaborative, non-profit, co-working community in London. It’s run by members of the community (there’s no staff) and it’s supported by member donations.

Nadine N. Bone

Nadine N. Bone is a Parisian Brand Artisan who especially enjoys helping other women brand themselves and their businesses to stay financially independent.

Harrison Kratz

 A social entrepreneur, Harrison Kratz founded Social Santa to help social media communities to come together and donate toys to underprivileged children during the holidays. He also heads up business development at General Assembly.

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