Backstory Elements: Location

Since releasing Backstory, we’ve seen tons of users add it to their pages, so as you’re building out yours, we want to share some great pages and tips to make your Backstory stand out.

Today we’re taking a look at student and photographer, Noukka Signe (in our header image) whose page, background photo and Backstory really impressed us. Specifically, we’re taking a closer look at how she uses her Location to show where she’s looking for work.

Now you might be saying, “I already have my location in my Bio box, why would I put it in my Backstory?” The answer is simple, the location you add to your Bio box should be where you’re currently located, while the location in your Backstory should signify where you’re looking for work. If you’re not looking for work, there might not be any reason for you to add a location in your Backstory and you can easily unpublish that section. However, if you are looking for opportunities, it’s a great idea to add where you’re looking to your Backstory location section.

Let’s have a look at Noukka’s location section to see how she set things up.

Nouka location


While she chooses to list Amsterdam, the Netherlands as her current location in her Bio box, Noukka indicates with her Backstory Location that she’s not just looking for work in Amsterdam, but in Europe as a whole. Others who want to can go more granular, choosing a state, region or city that they’re looking in, indicating if they’re looking to make a big move from where they currently live.

Other sections

Noukka also makes sure to fill in the other sections of her Backstory and page. She has a résumé with her experience, a great photo to show off her photography skills, links to her professional sites (on Facebook, her own website, and her photography blog). She even has a section in her Bio box indicating to others that she’s open to connecting with people that want to work with her, or anyone that just wants to say hello. All of these elements form a very complete picture of Noukka, which inspire potential employers and collaborators to reach out to her.