The wonderful people of Serbia

Almost every Serbian you talk to or any article you read about Serbia will mention its beautiful and wonderfully kind people.  When we asked Nemanja Brkovic what his favorite thing about living in the country was he mentioned the people with their sense of humor, hospitality and opinion for anything you can think of. “You can ask an average Serbian citizen about anything and he will give you his opinion about it.”

His opinion on where people should go in Serbia is, among other places, Belgrade. Which he describes as great city, night or day, and not very expensive for travelers. Dragana Marković agreed with his assessment and sent us this great video of the city. If you didn’t want to travel to Serbia before, you’re bound to want to after watching.

Fun facts about Serbia from Dragana Djermanovic:
-It’s home to an incredible number of sport champions with medals in basketball, handball, waterpolo, and tennis.
-Serbian scientist, Nikola Tesla, invented the tesla coil, remote control, neon lamp and induction motor.

Now without further ado, meet a few of the amazing Serbs on

Dragana DjermanovicDragana Djermanovic is an internet strategist and lecturer who helps companies to improve their online presence. As an ambassador to WebIT we wonder if she’s there now and has seen Tony Conrad!

Nemanja BrkovicA public affairs and communications professional, Nemanja Brkovic has tried all different careers from acting to journalism before eventually returning to his love, PR.

Dragana MarkovicDragana Marković is a digital marketing professional who’s in love with social media and enjoys making people laugh.

Dejan RestakFormerly a tennis player and then a bass guitar player Dejan Restak‘s latest and greatest passion is the internet. For 9 years he was the CEO of

Ivana ObradovicIvana Obradovic is a freelance graphic designer who loves to draw, read and take in the sun. Fun fact: she likes all animals except snakes, lizards and insects.

Aleksandar GrkinicWe love Aleksandar Grkinic‘s photo but as a visual designer, it’s no wonder he has such an awesome one. Check out his website to see more of his fun work!

Ivana GadjanskiAn entrepreneur and scientist with a PhD in Neuroscience and a Fullbright at Columbia University, Ivana Gadjanski now works with World Economic Forum.

Krsto Arsenijevic A right-brain oriented digital marketer, Krsto Arsenijevic dedicates as much time as possible being creative and innovative. His favorite creative activity is writing poetry.

Sanja LazicA journalism student in Belgrade now working on a PR internship, Sanja Lazić enjoys movies, music and photography.

Nikola JovanovicNikola Jovanović is an entrepreneur and tech enthusiast who loves experimenting with learning models. He’s also a two time TEDx speaker.

Header photo of the Church of Saint Sava by night was taken by Andrea Lehner.