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Announcing our stylish new email signatures

Today we’re excited to officially announce our new email signatures on It’s a concept that stretches back to when first started, the idea of owning your identity online. We believe you should be in control of introducing yourself to the web, rather than letting Google or other search engines decide for you. Our platform allows you to create a page representing who you are as a person, link your website, social media, videos, music and then share it with others by adding it to your email signature.

We often use email in a professional setting when interacting with coworkers, potential business partners, and networking opportunities. Email is also used personally to catch up with friends and family. Your email signature is a great piece of digital real estate you can use to introduce yourself further and keep people up to date using your page. We came up with three sleek new signatures, to help you connect with others and make a great impression with all your emails.

Choose from 3 different versions to get exactly the look you want for your email signature.


While you can still use your simple url, the signature is a easy way to make your emails stand out. Let people learn more about you with just one click at the bottom of your messages.

If you have your account connected to your Gmail or Yahoo email, just click here to see your signatures and add one. If you haven’t added your Gmail or Yahoo address yet, you can see your URL here and add it to your emails.  Or you can add an or account here and your signature options will appear so you can start making your mark.

5 responses to Announcing our stylish new email signatures

  1. Isabel Reis Nunes


    It would be very interesting to contemplate email accounts of Microsoft server in terms of use of signature. page:
    Additionally’ve asked to add in a specific field contacts to Skype name. Also suggested that in the other sites consider the possibility of associating Spotify account.

    Thanks, Isabel

  2. vubui

    This is awesome! But how can someone who uses a gmail accounts email that doesn’t end with enable this feature?

  3. Thanks for the question! Right now we’re not able to enable it but we’re working on that to be possible soon.

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