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It may be something of a misnomer to call this group, videographers because they’re so much more than that. Amazingly talented and multifaceted, they may work in film but their interests and talents stretch to: music, snowboarding, photography, design, writing, the list is endless.

But since this group also specializes in videography, we would be remiss if we didn’t show you some of their work. Here’s a sample:

The above is the film reel of Sean Fitzgerald (shown in our header photo) who chose to embed a snapshot of his work directly into his page with this video.

Take a minute to check out his page and then enjoy learning about all these other fascinating videographers and their works, below:

April BaileyOriginally from Canada now living and working in Saudi Arabia, April Bailey likes to call herself an Eskimo in the desert.

Haroldo PoiretWith a passion for film, music and photography starting at age 11, Haroldo Poiret founded his own film, photography and graphics studio soon after and it continues today.

Tana HoffmanOriginally from the East Coast, Tana Hoffman is now honing her video and marketing skills in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Jean-Philippe PoloWe love Jean-Philippe Bolo‘s background photo and his page which he links to his website so you can see more of his amazing work.

Ashley Barnas A ladybug and squirrel lover, Ashley Barnas is also the host of a fun weekly video column for Delaware online called, Anything Once.

Emilio Bellu Born and raised in Sardinia, Italy, Emilio Bellu is a filmmaker and photographer currently based in the Czech Republic. He likes storytelling and exploring new ideas.

Shayna MarkowitzShayna Markowitz is a recreational musician, visual artist and creative writer whose short films have appeared at the Cannes and Kingston Canadian film festivals.

Khairil BaharWhen he’s not filming, Khairil Bahar likes to post pictures of his cats on Instagram and sometimes they make it into his YouTube video tutorials on working with cameras.

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