Startups and Self Starters: Staff Picks

Happy Weekend everyone! It’s time for our Saturday Staff picks and, as usual, we had a difficult time narrowing it down to just four pages. The ones we’ve selected today, however, all seem to have something in common, they’re all self starters who have founded their own companies at one point or another so be sure to see what they’re working on now.

As you’re browsing the three pages below, don’t forget to check out Alyssa Casares in our header photo. She’s a 22 year old, self taught fashion designer with her own line of limited run, handcrafted clothing called Alyssa-Nicole. Check out her page to see her designs and send her a compliment.

Here are some other pages we love.

Tony WrightThe founder of RescueTime, Tony Wright, also founded Cubeduel, the only app to ever go viral on Linkedin.

sadia khawaja Sadia Khawaja is an artist and designer who built her own luxury stationary and design studio, just for fun. She also loves social media.

Cyrus RadfarAs you can tell from his photo, Cyrus Radfar doesn’t like to take life too seriously. When he’s not goofing around he’s a working on his second startup, Kapuno Communities.

Have a nice weekend and remember to discover even more great pages on our Staff Picks page.