Clocks, Pilsen and Castles: Czech Republic

Say hello to professional Czech unicyclist, Adam Gerza in our header photo. His picture is initially what caught our eye and inspired us to do a post on his country, the Czech Republic. Then we found there were so many awesome people to feature, it was hard to choose just a few.

Before you check them out below, here are a few quick and fun facts about the country.

  • The Czechs invented the Pilsner beer, first produced in 1842 in the city of Pilsen
  • Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is home to the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. It was built in 1410 and it’s functioning today.
  • There are over 2,000 castles and castle ruins in the country, one of the highest densities in the world after France and Belgium.
  • Czech chemist Otto Wichterle, invented soft contact lenses in 1959.

Now, without further ado, check out our favorite Czech pages!

Tea ŠplíchalováWe love Tea Šplíchalová’s page for its creative setup and her awesome bio. She talks about her love of pictures, social media marketing and organic cafes.

mirek molin A self proclaimed internet freak, Mirek Molin uses his page to show off his skills as a graphic designer with his stunning picture and great layout.

Bára Buchtová A social media marketing fanatic, Bára Buchtová is also crazy adventurous. She spent 8 months in Canada just for a change of pace.

Michal Kutil Co-founder and CTO of his own startup, Michal Kutil is all about efficiency and helping companies have more efficient production

Ivana Chodurová Ivana Chodurová works in public relations and is passionate about marketing and creative advertising.

Pavel Tobias Vybiral Pavel Tobias Vybiral is a marketing samurai with various marketing awards to his name. He is also a photography and TED talk lover.

Tereza Pecáková Tereza Pecáková or Teresinha, is a translator and Harry Potter lover with an awesome blog that she links to from her page.

Martin BugnerNot simply an IT consultant, Martin Bugner is an experimentalist, husband, father and life lover.

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