Jadranka Lacković

Traveling with about.me: Croatia

This week we’re taking a trip to see the famous coast of the world’s 18th most popular tourist destination, Croatia. With delicious food (including beautifully decorated gingerbread), a vibrant culture and miles of beaches, it’s no wonder Croatia is such a popular place to visit. Now, through the pages of our community members, we’re learning even more about the country.

We loved Jadranka Lacković‘s page which shows off her individually crafted works of art and jewelry displayed prominently in her page’s pictures. Have fun flipping through her Instagram app to see even more of her work. Then, check out all the pages below to hear the stories of a psychology professor, a network engineer and an amazing web designer. Don’t forget to check out their apps and links for more about them.

Ivan Komorcec Magdalena Jelic MARKO PRLJIC Manuela Sola Orsic Ivan Nikolic Ida Pandur Boris Blazinic Mirna Smidt Vedran Kosalec

Thanks again for coming along for our world-traveling adventure, stay tuned for our next destination! If you have a suggestion of where we should visit next, tell us about it in our comment section.