Yau Hui Min

Students of the Week

about.me is full of amazing student pages and this week we’re pleased to present a few of our favorites.  In our header post we have Yau Hui Min who co-founded the Selangor Model United Nations, the first student run MUN in Malaysia. Just below we have Andrés Aguirre of Chile whose amazing rock climbing picture shows his love for the sport while his bio talks about his studies in public relations and love for marketing.

All of these pages show just how multidimensional these students are, so be sure to have a closer look at their pages and learn more about their aspirations, interests and fascinating personalities.  Then, glance back at your page and see if there’s anything you could add to give a more well rounded, fuller representation, of who you are.

Andrés Aguirre Colleen Sheehan Luca Faidutti  P.S. Don’t forget how important it is to give a great first impression through email, add your page to your email signature so employers can link to your resume and learn more about you. Find out how to add your page to your email signature in our FAQs, and if you have Gmail, check out our new signatures.