Students of the Week

This week we have a special focus on students as we conclude our Recess college tour at University of California, San Diego on Thursday. Our co-founder, Ryan Freitas is an alumnus and we’re looking forward to talking to students about our tools and how they can be helpful in anything from finding a job or internship to connecting with alumni.

In honor of our trip we’re featuring students from UC San Diego like Antriksh Yadav, in our header photo, who is a self proclaimed geek and gamer studying Computer Science. We also have Cathy Yu an International Studies/Economics major who serves as an on campus tour guide. Be sure to check out all their pages, below.

Cathy Yu Edward Falk Christine Alabastro

P.S. Don’t forget how important it is to give a great first impression through email, add your profile to your email signature so employers can link to your resume and learn more about you. If you’re a Gmail user, check out our brand new email signatures.