Marco Marchesi

Meaningful interactions is a fantastic way to interact with other interesting people. The list of ways in which you can interact is long and frequently these small interactions turn into longer, more meaningful conversations or partnerships.


Compliments are an easy way to interact with other users. It’s fun to give compliments and it’s fun to receive them, but don’t just stop there.  If you find a favorite page, an amazing picture, a great bio, share it with others via Facebook or Twitter. All it takes is a click!


When someone gives you a compliment, don’t forget to respond. It can be a simple thanks or you can, invite them to connect with you on LinkedIn, meet for coffee or explore collaborating. And while it may seem small, you never know where a simple thanks or Twitter follow will lead.

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All these compliments and responses can easily come together in your collections. Don’t have time to write to someone right away? Add them to a collection of people to follow up with. No only will you be reminded to follow up, that person might also be reminded to write to you, or at least check out your page.


Think you’ve run out of people to interact with? Do a search for your top interests, favorite music, or location of your next travel destination.  Explore the collections of people whose pages you enjoy, review those who have viewed you, click the Discover button. The more you interact with others, the more interesting people will come to view your page wanting to connect.

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And most of all, have fun! You never know whose page you might come across and what meaningful connections it could lead to.