Winnie Yan

Students of the Week

Our students of the week are a varied group with some excellent pictures and great biographies like Winnie Yan, in our header photo, who starts off describing her name (like the lovable Winnie the Pooh) and then goes on to talk about her myriad interests and study of marketing.  Below we also have graphic design student Cody Walz with his standout photo!

Be sure to check out all their pages and think of what you could add to yours to give the fullest representation of who you are from the classroom, to workplace to everywhere else. This will make you stand out not just to recruiters but others in community who connect with your interests and personality.

Cody Walz Anastasiia Bondar Yahya Kara

P.S. Don’t forget how important it is to give a great first impression through email, add your profile to your email signature so employers can link to your resume and learn more about you. Find out how to add your page to your email signature in our FAQs.

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