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Here at we’re constantly looking for new ways to make it easier for people to discover new pages and connect with others. Just a few weeks ago we released a new search function to help you discover even more interesting members of the community, now we’ve added another great feature to search!

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With our new “Also try” feature in search, it’s even easier to find others who share your interests. This means that once you’ve searched for someone or something, you’ll be able to find others with similar interests, location, name, and so forth. So check it out, you never know what other amazing people you might encounter!

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It’s lots of fun to discover others in search but don’t forget to ensure others can find you in search too. Most people remember location, work, and educational info, but too many overlook the importance of tags or interests.  A good set of tags will allow future collaborators, clients, or employers to find your page more easily and connect with you. As you reexamine your tags or consider adding new ones, ask yourself if you would you search for someone using those same terms. Not sure how to add tags to your page? Simply go to the Biography tab when you’re in Edit Mode and find the section called Interests. Then, add some tags to make it easier to discover and connect with new people. Enjoy!

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