Nicolas Copano

Traveling with Chile

This week on our world tour we’re heading south, way south, to Chile. A very narrow country, its length nearly matches the width of the United States and is naturally full of different climates. They range from the driest dessert in the world, in the north, to one of the planet’s wettest regions, in the south.

The country also happens to be home to many wonderful community members including our post header, Nicolas Copano, executive producer of a Spanish-language television channel made for Youtube. We also have piano teacher, Michelle O’Ryan Gálvez and journalist Alejandro San Martín.

Sofia Vicuna Francisco Fernández Michelle O'Ryan Gálvez Juan Carlos Orellana Rosa Martinez Ignacio Bugueño Victoria Lopez Alejandro San Martín

Thanks again for coming along for our world-traveling adventure, stay tuned for our next destination! If you have a suggestion of where we should visit next, tell us about it in our comment section.