David Guhl

Students of the Week

Last week we had a special focus on students as we participated in the Recess college tour. Going from Indiana University to Drexel University to University of Maryland to New York University to Cornell University gave us the chance to talk with a ton of students! We shared the ways in which an about.me page can help students start building a personal brand in addition to connecting to others and finding jobs.

I, personally, had a great time interacting with students like, David Guhl, in our header image and many others who not only showed enthusiasm and gave us great feedback for our prospective job tool, but were excited about and hearing from leading entrepreneurs like Tony Conrad and Cory Levy.

As I rode the tour bus from college to college (Fortunately we didn’t have to sleep in seats, we had bunks. Unfortunately, the mattress was a 3 inch thick piece of foam) I had the opportunity to interact with some other startups on the bus like Glide, Twine, Rad Pad and Whoseyourlandlord. All on the tour to pitch their sites and apps to college students, it was a jam-packed and exciting five days of meeting new people while on the road.

Molly Day Jordan Sayeedi Farah Colette

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