Discover through People Search

In case you missed our newsletter yesterday, we’ve recently released a new “People Search” function on to help you discover interesting members of the community.

Connect with people around you

Did you just move to a new city? You can use search to discover and then connect with people in your area who share interests. For example, a friend just moved to Chicago and is really looking for new friends who share his love of food. So he went to Search and typed in Chicago, then food. Immediately, he discovered people in his area who he can connect with and maybe invite to write on his food blog. Not only that, but as he was exploring new pages he noticed they shared many more of his interests, giving him more reasons to connect.

People Search 2

Connect with potential clients or employers

Let’s say you live in L.A. and are looking to start a new project or maybe you have a company and are hoping to hire someone. Ideally you would get a designer and a developer but money is short so you’re trying to find someone who does both things. Typing in Los Angeles, designer and developer into search you instantly find a list potential collaborators like Charlotte Z. Fernandez who works as a freelancer.

Charlotte Z. Fernandez

Ensure people can find you in search

Most people remember location, work, and educational info, but too many overlook the importance of tags or interests.  A good set of tags will allow future collaborators, clients, or employers to find your page more easily and connect with you. As you reexamine your tags or consider adding new ones, ask yourself if you would you search for someone using those same terms. Not sure how to add tags to your page? Simply go to the Biography tab when you’re in Edit Mode and find the section called Interests. Then, add some tags to make it easier to discover and connect with new people. Happy Searching!

People Search 1