Welcoming 2014

Are you excited about the new year? We are. 2013 was a massive year for about.me. We spun out from AOL, introduced rich new ways to present yourself online, and welcomed WeFollow to the team.

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We introduced a Premium version of about.me for a more professional appearance, released an awesome iOS app to engage while on the go, and a new way to connect via Replies. These are just a few of the projects the team has accomplished this year. There are many additional visible changes (e.g. our new home feed) and also numerous invisible improvements to essentials like content updating, site speed, and infrastructure.

Last year was exhilarating. We added millions of new people into the about.me community, and watched as these people used their pages to make friends, promote their band, or find employment. With all that was accomplished in 2013 we’re chomping at the bit and ready to fly out of the gate in 2014.


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Thank you for being part of about.me! Thank you for putting your time and creativity into making beautiful & informative pages. We work every day to make it simple to present & promote yourself online, and make it fun to discover & connect with interesting people around the world. We are looking forward to introducing new powerful features in 2014, and ecstatic to have you join us on the adventure!

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