Leading the Flight

To all of you traveling around the world for the holidays and New Years: may your trips be calm and your destinations cozy.

Today we’ve rounded up a few flying pros from about.me to share with the community. Not all pilots fly the massive commercial aircraft you see at the airport, some are passionate about smaller aircraft.

Sean Meyer is a “ferry pilot experienced in over three dozen different makes and models of light general aviation singles and twins. ” You can tell from his smile, he loves what he does.


Those of us that frequently fly commercial airlines rely on the work of people like Sam Priest, an Airport Operations Agent in Atlanta. People like Sam are on the job everyday, including holidays, to make our trips possible.  http://about.me/UniversalSamUnlike what you might see in an action movie, not anyone can fly a plane. It takes years of training and an extremely high level of proficiency. Just looks at all of these switches 🙂http://about.me/hiddebonnema


There’s nothing quite like the view from the cockpit. Would this ever get boring? I don’t think so.http://about.me/mariusholstad


Have a wonderful holiday and New Year! If you are traveling, please take a moment to thank the people who make it possible. Whether you are taking a plane, train, car, or staying home, have a safe and fun festive season.

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  1. I still remember how I dreamt of becoming a pilot, after reading this post I think being a pilot is not only a job but also a challenge.

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