Personal Branding: 2 New Points of View

Every day, editors publish content about personal branding and identity all over the web. These articles vary from  purely self-promotional to truly helpful advice. Today we are taking a look at a range of articles on personal branding in order to understand the best practices to develop your personal identity online.

 Personal Branding for Introverts

This article by HBR Blog contributor Dorie Clark examines personal branding in the professional world from the viewpoint of an introvert. The definition of who qualifies as ‘introverted’ in this article is ambiguous, but the tips useful for everyone.

Clark begins by cementing the value of offline personal branding in a professional environment. Conferences, professional networking groups, and speaking opportunities are all great ways to build your personal brand. But these are not always fantastic situations for introverts and more generally, not all of us have frequent invitations to speak, schmooze, or go to conferences.

Like introverts, those of us without in-person opportunities can excel online in situations that do not require face-to-face interaction:

social media may actually be an area where introverts, who thrive on quiet contemplation, have an advantage. With a blog — one of the best techniques for demonstrating thought leadership — you can take your time, formulate your thoughts, and engage in real dialogue with others. Indeed, while extroverts desperate for their next fix are trading business cards at cocktail parties, you can build a global brand on the strength of your ideas.

The only cost to blogging is time, budget yours wisely an create content that exposes your expertise. Having content on your personal blog solidifies your value to a new contact you’ve met though Twitter or at a convention. Please read the article for more great advice from Dorie Clark: Personal Branding for Introverts.

Marc Ecko: Unlabel

Marc Ecko provides a  different perspective for representing your professional and artistic value.  In conversation with Brian Petchers of Forbes, Marc weighs in with his opinion on the topic:

Personal branding today, in 2013, is the urgency of self-actualization

His words leave room for multiple interpretations, here’s mine: for artists and professionals alike, personal branding is the path to achievement.

Marc is a master of branding, personal and otherwise. His empire was built on being noticeable, catching the attention of people like Spike Lee and Chuck D. Hardly an introvert, Marc new book Unlable is the tale of building $5000 into a billion dollar global brand.

The short article also covers the future of Marc’s media brand Complex, in particular their video platform (Brian Petchers is a member of Forbes’ video team). Read the article for more of Marc’s thoughts on branding for artists: A Conversation With Marc Ecko About His New Book ‘Unlabel’ And The Future Of Complex Media.

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