Starting with this post, we’d like to try something new to keep everyone up to speed with the latest feature improvements as well as updates to the infrastructure plumbing at about.me. It’s a bit of a behind the scenes look into how our development process works and what we’re making happen each week. We typically do a release midweek, so look for our post around then.

What’s New

The team has been making lot of progress on a variety of projects. Below, we’ve included a information about some of the current endeavors.

Quick View

Quick View is now live on the site. Now we have a new way to view pages faster when browsing through Search results, the Popular page or the Featured page  – it’s kinda slick, just click a thumbnail to open a quick view of the page. We’ve also made it easier to read the beginning of someone’s biography and quickly get a better understanding of that person. It’s the brainchild of Jeff brought to life by Daisy.

Add to Collections

When viewing an about.me page, you can use the ‘+’ button to add the page to one of your collections. Collections are one of our most popular features, it was time for it to have it’s own dedicated button and name. Our very own Jake made it happen – be sure to check out his wonderful Artists collection.

Notification Cleanup

This week we cleaned up the notifications in your navigation bar to make it simpler and easier to use. We’ve removed clutter and streamlined non-essential information. You can view all of your notifications from about.me/home, and all of your stats from about.me/stats.

Interaction Buttons

Compliments, adding to a Collection, emailing and following users all have improved screens. When you are interacting with someone’s page, there’s no need for extraneous information. The new function focuses on completing the action efficiently with maximum clarity. We think it’s more efficient, prettier, and an all around improvement to the experience.

Bug Fixes

We’ve fixed confusing text in a few places. In particular, we made it more clear when an action is completed by a person on our platform vs. about.me algorithms. For example, when someone compliments your page vs being added to one of our automated collections (ie, Twitter Friends, Facebook Friends) or being added to our Popular section.

Scrolling back through your about.me/home page is newly improved as well. Now you can smoothly view less-recent notifications my clicking the ‘more’ button. When you scroll down the page, you can be sure you haven’t missed something important.

Let us know what you think in the comments, or on twitter @aboutdotme

3 responses to #RN10/3

  1. seth

    I think the add to collections button is a great option to have, but it seems to lack the ability to be removed like all of the other buttons. I’m going for a simple clean page and it’s the one button that I can’t get rid of.

  2. Jacob

    Hey Seth- thanks for the feedback. We hear ya! We’ll be introducing a way to modify the ‘add to collections’ button soon.

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