4 Rules to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram

The pictures you share online have an impression on the people who see them. Do your images make you memorable? Improve the way you share images and boost your personal brand with 4 simple tips.


1: Quality Beats Quantity

Fight the urge to post 10 pictures of your breakfast. Instead of sharing many photos all at once, learn to be an editor.

Not every single photo you take is worth sharing. Take time to choose the best one, the one that stands out because it is brighter & more interesting. Use a filter (but not every time), add a few relevant #tags, and post it.

2: Cross Post

Turbo-charge your pictures by sharing them to other services. Visibility on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr helps establish a consistent identity across services. The only better way to have a consistent identity across services is to have your about.me link on each one, but you already knew that.

3: Be Yourself, With Context

When sharing photos, you are giving the viewer a glimpse into your life. Your life has a narrative, and your photos should reflect your personal identity. Part of developing a recognizable identity online is being consistent. However, consistent does not mean you have to be boring.

Instead, when you post a photo that is silly or taken in a different country, include the context in your caption. Context is especially helpful for people who are just discovering your photos. Let your viewers know that you are showing something special to help them understand who you are in ‘normal’ life.

4: Engage

With your photo posted, its time to engage with your audience. The real value of sharing photos on Instagram comes through interacting with the people who view your content. This is where you can turn a casual browser into a fan, and perhaps develop that fan into a real friend, business partner, or collaborator.

When someone comments on your photo, make sure to respond. Every time! Help the people engaging with you feel appreciated, and they are more likely to interact with you in the future. Personal branding is not magic, it’s building relationships and awareness based on the value you provide.

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Conclusion: Create Value for Others

We are focused on Instagram because it is immensely popular, but these rules hold true for any place you share original images.

Images are one of the most effective ways to convey your personal brand online. Don’t let a lack of focus blur your success. Concentrate on these 4 rules and create value for other people. The value you create is the currency of any personal brand, the currency that will earn you attention and recognition.

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