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about.me Releases Major Update to App for iPhone & iPod touch

Today we’re excited to announce a revamped about.me app for iOS 7 and web dashboard, both featuring an elegantly-designed home stream that is all about making new connections. The new mobile and web views encourage you to learn more about people interested in you and discover people you have things in common with. about.me is the best starting point for your personal identity on the web, and the new discovery and connection features are a natural progression of our long term vision.

When my co-founder Tony Conrad and I decided to buy our company back, our focus was intent on unlocking the potential we see at the heart of what makes about.me work. Much of our belief in the product remains based in the fantastic feedback we get from our users about the role their pages play in their lives.

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Our millions of users have a tremendous affinity for the product, and for the opportunity to discover and engage with others through their pages. Our users take time to build fantastic looking pages, making about.me an ideal starting point to learn more about people interested in you and to discover people with whom you have things in common. The more we listened to what our users had to say, the more we understood where we wanted to take about.me next. We want to take engagement and discovery one step further, to make them the best possible extension of the identity services we currently provide. Where better to explore that opportunity than with our app for iPhone and iPod touch.

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The new version of the about.me iOS app is all about who is engaging with you. We’ve built an elegant view of pages that aggregates the most relevant pages for you – from people who recently viewed or interacted with your page to people who are around you geographically or share your interests. Even more impressively, we can build a stream of just those users who have engaged with you on your connected services. New followers from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn can show up in the stream, offering more context about the people who are interested in you.

The about.me app is visually driven, making the user’s profile photo the star. Bios and common networks are available to provide additional information, with the option to click through to learn more about each person. When you uncover a new page you’re interested in, save it to a collection, send a compliment or send an email to your new connection all from within the app.

The more time we spent building the app and interacting with the new feeds, the more the about.me team fell in love with the big visuals and the simplified ways to engage with other users. When given the choice of using our Dashboard in the browser or the streams in the mobile app prototype, all of us agreed: the app was a tremendous amount of fun. At that point the decision was a simple one, and so in tandem with our release of about.me’s 2.0 version, we’re rolling out a brand new Dashboard interface that mirrors the new app’s highly visual streams. A unified experience for a product and a team on its first independent steps towards fulfilling our long term vision.

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Tony, the team, and I could not be more excited for what we’re announcing today. We’re asserting the future of the product and our company, and we did it by listening to the people we’ve built it for. We want to thank our users for letting us continue to make it all about them.

The about.me App is available for free from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch.

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