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We are adding our twist to the longstanding twitter Follow Friday (#FF) tradition.

Every Friday we will feature people who are both great on twitter, and have an URL as their twitter link. To nominate yourself, use the hashtag #FFaboutme anytime during the week. On Friday, we’ll feature the best pages on the site and the blog.

The people below created beautiful pages and consistently tweet interesting content. In addition to being talented tweeters and design savvy, they’re smart too!

The people featured here made the smart choice to add a personal link to their twitter profile. Adding your link makes is easy for other people on twitter get to know you better than 160 characters allows. If someone finds your tweets compelling, make it easy for them to connect with you in a meaningful way- through your page! 


paul barron on


caroline mizumoto on

Jonathan Lally Use the hashtag #FFaboutme to enter for a chance to have your page featured!

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