Inspiration For Your Personal Brand: Graffiti

The term ‘personal branding’ only became popular in the last few years, but thoughtfully showcasing your public identity is far from a new idea. From the maker’s mark to the flourishes of graffiti artists’ street signatures, history is full of wonderful examples of individuals putting their individual mark on the world.

When we choose to connect through public spaces online or use social media, it is very easy to lose an individual sense of identity. The anonymity of generic avatars can even be useful, depending on our needs. However, the internet is not a completely separate place from “real life”, and having a consistent identity online and off can assist your efforts to build your business, personal projects, and career.

On the Internet, visual representation is a key element of how identity is conveyed. Where better to look for inspiration on visual identity than the stylish masters of the genre: Graffiti artists.

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At, we think of graffiti and street art as source of inspiration for understanding how to promote yourself. There are 3 primary elements to consider: name, location, and content. For the street artists, these 3 elements are the moniker, physical location, and style (size, color, etc. ) of their artwork.

Online personal branding is much the same. Our name, where we interact, and the content we share define our online identity. Do you just throw your name around the web like a common paint or sticker tag? Do people associate you with high-quality imagery and messaging, like Banksy or WK Interact?

For many of us, social media is a personal tool that bleeds into the professional world. When we use our real name online, we choose to build a personal brand that will stick with us through promotions and new jobs, as well as easily translate to offline interactions.

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An page is the hub for this identity, independent of any one social network and designed to advance our individuals goals. Whether hunting for a new job, a running partner, new clients, or more Instagram followers, managing our own web presence is an essential piece of digital life.

To get the most value from your page, check to see if the page correctly reflects your personal identity. Does your page encourage people to connect around the topics or services you enjoy? If not, it’s time to update your biography and add the appropriate services to help people connect with you.

Aspire to be more than a scribble, make your mark on the web beautiful.

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