Lords of Laughter

Start the weekend off with a look at the comedians of about.me. These funny men and women bravely embrace the mic to entertain audiences near and far. Check out their pages, read a tweet or two, and let them know what you think!

Harrison Greenbaum on about.me

Carrie Locklyn on about.meIs there anything as funny as a bald man in cookie monster underpants? (Answers: Yes)Scott Gibson on about.me

Louis Tristan on about.me Heather Horton on about.me

Michael O'Connell on about.meThat far-away look in Ben’s eyes is so enthralling, you might miss that he’s wearing a bathrobe on the beach.  Ben Lepley on about.me

David Nguyen on about.meMichael is clearly an award-winning comedian with a lot of heart. michael.sanchez on about.meI had blast collecting these pages, there are so many interesting comedians on about.me! If I missed some great ones, add them in the comments below.