Baker’s Dozen

We love to see all types of appealing uses for These baking-related pages crank up the heat and look absolutely scrumptious! We chose a baker’s dozen of our favorite pages related to the art of baking to show off the bakers (like Michelle, above) and some tasty baked goods.

Hilary de Lisle on

Jason Anello on about..wRoi’s page shows off his passion, not just his professional information.Roi Bar-Kat on Iris Estell on about.meDavid is not a baker, but he’s clearly a cake enthusiast. Yum! David Espitallier on

Janet Peng on

Farida Peters on

Perfect Bite Bakers on about.meLuc’s black and white background photo helps his bio image stand out. Luc Martin on

Magdalenas Baktankar on about.meThe two pages below look great, but might benefit from darker bio box to help the text stand out.Marisa J. Lown on

Crystal Horton on about.meAngelina makes great use of an opaque bio box, allowing her text to be read easily over her colorful background photo. Angelina Martinez on

Have you seen any other scrumptious pages? Let us know in the comments below.

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