Wefollow Joins about.me

We’re excited to announce that about.me has acquired Wefollow. The Wefollow service is a beautifully designed directory that enables people to discover others with common interests (e.g. sports, politics, comedy, etc.).

Wefollow started as a Twitter directory in 2009 and was founded by Jeff Hodsdon and Kevin Rose when they were still at Digg. When Digg was sold in 2012, Jeff re-purchased Wefollow and began building it to where it is today. Wefollow has since grown to a community of over 1.3 million users.

This is an exciting step forward in the evolution of about.me as a service and as a company. As about.me continues to grow, it’s increasingly important that we simplify the way users discover people on the about.me platform. Discovery has quickly become one of the most popular uses of about.me and represents a significant opportunity for us to further evolve our platform.

Wefollow’s prominence scores and algorithms help organize and surface users, and will become a key search offering as about.me enhances people discovery on our platform. Eventually, the Wefollow service will be merged with our own and integrated under the about.me brand. In the short term, as we complete an integration of our two products, Wefollow will continue to operate as a stand-alone property.

We are beyond thrilled. Jeff is an amazing talent and a perfect fit with our team and product focus. He will contribute expertise in building beautifully designed consumer web products. We’ve known Jeff for several years, having first met him when he was a co-founder in Milk with Kevin, a True Ventures investment that was acquired by Google last year. Kevin is the lead investor from Google Ventures in about.me, so there is perfect continuity going forward. Jeff will join about.me’s A-list development team with a broad product and engineering role around people discovery and growth. He will work closely with both Ryan and I as well as CTO Andy Hao and the team on product and growth initiatives.

Ryan Freitas & Tony Conrad

Ryen Freitas on about.me Tony Conrad on about.me

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  1. Congrats! Definitely sounds like a winning combination. Looking forward to watching it’s evolution.

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