Dance On!

People from many different walks of life use for professional, personal, and artistic reasons. One of the most visually interesting groups don’t just walk, they dance!

From ballet and modern to african dance, all types of choreographers and dancers can be found on Take a look at some of the pages we admire!

Portsha Jefferson

MamLuft&Co. Dance

Large images that capture movement in the moment make these pages especially appealing
Arun Sreenivasan on

Emma Destler on about.meSophie is a great example of how to use a vertical image, like a headshot. For help using an similar image check out the tips article here
Sophie Wensel on
Alex Zavala

That's Us Crew on

Emerson Moose on

Nicki Shackleford on

Revanta Sarabhai on

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One response to Dance On!

  1. I can’t dance but I can walk
    I can’t sing but I can talk
    I can’t play musics but I can make noises
    I can’t swim but I can learn
    I can’t say how much I want to dance
    But I can say I enjoy watching you dance!

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