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Celebrating International Jazz Day

In honor of International Jazz Day, we are shining the blog spotlight on Jazz musicians of about.me. Originating in early 20th Century America, Jazz is a vibrant and creative artform played all over the world.

If we could get all the people below into one room, they would make a fantastic band! joshlawrence jazz on about.me

harpista on about.me

In concert halls  and dimly lit clubs, Jazz musicians express themselves through music. chinese pipa on about.me urit on about.melance houston on about.me matthew rybicki on about.me brandon tesh on about.meFrom Germany to the USA to Venezuela, Jazz is enjoyed all over the world.

oscar vs ludwig on about.me

alexander raichenok on about.me

apaivab on about.me Know any other jazz musicians on about.me? Share their page in the comments!

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