Choose our new compliments!

What compliments would you like to give?

What compliments would you like to receive?

We’re looking to add more compliment options and we wanted to ask you what you’d like them to say!

Some ideas we have are:

You’re cool
Digging your page
Awesome portfolio

But we’d like to hear more ideas from you. What do you think? Let us know in the comments here.

20 responses to Choose our new compliments!

  1. James

    Totally unique (as Mark said)
    Let’s chat
    Nice colour scheme

  2. *Let’s grab a coffee
    *Let’s grab a brew
    *Impressive background
    *Blown away by your background
    *I’m a fan
    *Love your bio
    *Love your story
    *Great photo

  3. Love your photo
    Awesome photo
    Love your bio
    Want to grab a coffee one day?
    Let’s grab a beer one day
    I’m a fan! Want to meet?
    Impressive bio

  4. Hot!
    Me gusta!
    Rock on!
    Call me maybe? (ok, just kidding…)

    You could place an invitation to the other person to come our site too, like something like ” we have things in common can you check my page?” – Just an idea. : )

  5. Andy

    It’s a lovely word, how about…


    as in — adjective 1. giving pleasure or satisfaction; pleasant or attractive

  6. Waleed A. Alzuhair

    This is just an opinion 🙂

    “Like” and “Favorite” are enough to compliment the content & design. However, I really like the action choices more (collaborate, meet, hire, …, etc).


  7. Brilliant
    You da bomb!
    You Shine!
    You Shine Big Time!
    Care to have a cuppa?

  8. Free Text! People don’t like being restricted to a preselected list to decide on, and I’m one of them. We are human beings with the ability and capacity for free, creative thought. Every major collaborative network on the internet gives members the ability to say exactly what they want to say.

    And you think you have something special going on here, while you keep a leash on free speech. Allow members to visit other members, and say exactly what they want to say. Add a comment section to allows your members the ability to speak freely!

  9. I think you might add a ‘page suggestion’ button too, although this might be private. I know a lot of people I’d like to make a suggestion to!

  10. Lu

    I vote for :

    Let’s grab a coffee
    Let’s meet
    Call me maybe? (ok, just kidding…) –

    @Phelzito love it!

  11. Paul

    New Order; pleasant, complete, satisfactory, daring, free expression

  12. Umesh mishra

    There should be some compliment for bio photo also . Like smart, cool …………

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