First Responder appreciation

First Responders bridge the gap between First Aid volunteers and trained Emergency Medical professionals. They are key to recovery after emergencies, most recently Hurricane Sandy.

Even though we have nearly another year until National First Responders Appreciation Day, we wanted to show our appreciation with some highlighted pages today.

Speaking of Appreciation Day, the founder has a lovely page.

On there are responders in an official capacity and others who volunteer.

Thank you to all who take time, effort and risk to participate as First Responders.

3 responses to First Responder appreciation

  1. Gregg, who has been working for several years to create a National First Responder Appreciation Day on September 27, says he’d also like to help the public become more aware of the issues facing first responders and how the public can help first responders do their jobs more easily.

    So far, Gregg has successfully worked to get the day recognized in Colorado, where the state government has annually renewed a resolution declaring September 27 Colorado First Responder Appreciation Day. And he’s had some inquiries from individuals in other states, namely Oregon, interested in establishing their own First Responder Appreciation Day. But getting the day recognized nationally has been much more difficult.

    “There’s been reluctance at the national level,” says Gregg. “We see and hear about all these national days, but there are very few ‘official’ national days. They either need to be established by a congressional resolution or an executive order from the president.”

  2. I can understand why the process a 1st responder national appreciation day would need to go through to become an “official” national day in the U.S. would be very slow, but I think it’s possible if firefighters, EMTs, and all the 1st responders out there continue to raise awareness. What person could be against creating a national day to appreciate our emergency responders? There is no reasonable nor conceivable reason not to do so. A heartfelt congratulations on getting the day recognized in Colorado, Mr. Gregg. Well done! I hope the rest of the states will soon follow.

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