Meet Marcus Lovett

Few people in their lives can boast being an Olympic Freestyle Aerial Skiier, of those few, I’m not sure you’d expect to find someone who also has produced a horror feature film, as well as being a TV show host.

I introduce to you the man that has done all three: Marcus Lovett.

We met up with Marcus and asked him a few questions. See the full interview below.

Where are you from?

Born in Benigo Victoria, Australia. Live in Melbourne, Australia now.

What year/sport did you participate in the Olympics? What country did you represent?

I competed for Australia in Freestyle Aerials at the 1988 Calgary Olympic Winter Games.

How did you get on the Olympic team?

Actually I was chosen by the International Ski Federation from my result on World Cup Circuit to represent to represent Freestyle Aerials as a demonstration sport at Calgary. There was a lot of controversy at this Olympics about the demonstration sports and athletes. Demonstration sports don’t exist anymore, but back then at the beginning of the Calgary Games my country’s sporting body didn’t want to know me, but at the end of the games I was considered part of the Olympic Team.

What was your experience like at the Olympics?

It was huge, Freestyle Aerials was the first event to sell out and it was estimated that 96,000 people showed up to watch. There were people I didn’t even know holding signs with my name on it. After each jump the crowd erupted. A very cool experience, plus a lot of media attention back in Australia.

What do you do now?

Producing and hosting a 1 hour health related documentary, producing a horror feature film and own a satellite uplink business for live television.

What are your favorite websites/apps?

Often using Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with friends and what’s going on and love checking out projects on KickStarter and IndieGogo, but because I love the snow and mount Hotham I am often checking out for snow conditions during winter. I also keep up on the latest web development, Mashable.

How is your experience with

I love the beauty and simplicity of, and I love the uniqueness of every person, so sometimes I just hit the random button and check out other freaks on (and I mean freak in the nicest possible way).