Raheem Nelson: Using about.me to promote your ipad book

My name is Raheem Nelson and I’m an iPad Cartoonist and Illustrator based in New Haven, CT. About.me is the best service I’ve signed up with all year. It unifies all of my services like Bēhance, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As good as it is I am always trying to come up with new ways to increase visibility through social media. Linking my  page to things like my WTNH Interview, YouTube channel and my Cafe Press store give me clout and show prospective clients the extent of my capabilities. I always try to update regularly when I have something noteworthy to share.

For example, my book of iPad Paintings, “Through The Elm to The Big Apple” comes out August 3rd on lulu.com. With about.me I link viewers right to my Flickr feed, my blog and Storify page to find out more information on my book.

Confusing anyone interested in my art is counterproductive. MOO and about.me provide amazing business cards complete with a QR code. I was late the party with Pinterest but this site is quickly growing. Promoting and sharing my work is easy and fun. In conclusion, about.me is an amazing resource for building my web presence and I wish I joined up sooner!