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Tuesday we talked about things you can do to your page to improve its SEO. Today, we have some tips on what you can do outside of your page to have it show up higher in search results!

Inbound links to your page is the best way for you to increase your page’s ranking in the search engines. And public, searchable networks are the best place to have inbound links. Below are a some examples, and where to add them.


1. Sign-in to your Linkedin account, then click ‘Edit Profile’

2. Under ‘Additional Information’, click edit.  Choose ‘Other:’ from the choices, which will allow you to name the link.  Put in your full name, then copy and paste your URL into the URL field, and click Save.


1. Sign-in to your Twitter account, then click ‘Settings’

2. Under Settings, click ‘Profile’.  Then copy and paste your URL into the ‘Web’ field, and click save.


1. Sign-in to your Facebook account.  From your profile page, click ‘About’

2. Under ‘About You’, click ‘Edit’.  Then copy and paste your URL into the ‘Web’ field.

3. Click the icon in the top right, and select ‘Public’ (this will put your URL on the public version of your Facebook page).  Then click Save.


1. Sign in to your Pinterest Account. Click ‘Settings’ in the top right drop-down menu.

2. Add your URL to the Website section of Settings.

Blog or other social account:

1. Head over to to get all of our logos and other collateral.

2. Upload our logo as a badge and add your URL as the link.

Where else have you added your URL?

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