Four ways to improve your search ranking

There are several things you can do on your page to improve its placement in search results at Google, Bing and other search engines.

Here are a few you can easily do on your own page: 

  • Use your full name in your URL
  • Put your full name in name field
  • Include a bio on your page
  • Add tags to your page and make them visible

Use your full name in your URL

Adding your full name to your URL means it’s easier to find in external search engines. For example: or

This also means you are easily discoverable with internal username searches on

Put your full name in name field

Similarly, adding your full name to the name field means search engines are again picking up your full name for their search results.

Without at least one of these displaying your name, search engines have no way of knowing that you are the person being searched for.

Include a bio on your page

We display your bio as the description of your page in search results. So, it’s helpful to provide context to people looking for you on Google or Bing.

Add tags to your page and make them visible

Tags are crawled by search engines as well. Show them on your page to ensure they will display for people looking for you. They are a quick and easy snapshot of who you are.

Do you have any other SEO tips for pages not mentioned here? Let us know in the comments.

6 responses to Four ways to improve your search ranking

  1. tvanslooten

    I would just add that your page is not unlike any other web page. Because of that, you can do the same SEO tactics you would do for any web page – share links to your page on your social networks, get other websites to link to your page, etc.

    In addition, I’ll share a little SEO trick you with you. The name fields on your page automatically become your title tags. Those are the main titles you see in the search results pages. If you want your page to potentially rank for your name AND a specific thing you do (in my case “local SEO consultant”) then put your full name in the first name field and your work title in the last name field with a pipe character or dash before your title (i.e. | Local SEO Consultant). Then in the search results pages, your title will show this:

    Travis Van Slooten | Local SEO Consultant


    Travis Van Slooten

    Now you can potentially be found by your name and the “thing” you do!

    Travis Van Slooten

    P.S. To see this title trick in action, see my page.

  2. It will take a lot of luck for me to outrank the famous actor Jason Weaver. However with Google’s custom search results I can at least show up for my friends and connections.

  3. Helpful information. I have placed a lot of emphasis on these SEO tactics recently, and it has helped a lot. It has taken time and effort, but once this stuff is in place, the heavy lifting is done.

  4. Excellent advice, I went right to my About me page and made some needed changes. Thank you so much.

  5. lauraglu

    Thanks for the comments and feedback. Glad we can help with our ideas and love seeing the additional ones!

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