A Better Bio Box

As a member of the about.me team, I look at a lot of about.me pages. As a writer, I look at the bio as much as the background. Here are a couple tips to improve your bio’s impact.

Make the Text Easy to Read

Pick a text color that has a strong contrast from the background. If your background has a lot of colors, you can make the bio box opaque. (Click on Edit Your Page-> Colors -> Opacity.) The following pages are good examples of an easy-to-read bio box:

Make the Bio Box Work With Your Picture

Although the bio is important, you still want to show off your background picture. Try dragging your bio box around so that you can see the best part of your picture. The following pages are good examples of bio box placement:

The width of your bio box is based on the width of your name or headline, whichever is widest. If your bio box is too wide, here are some things you can do:

  • Use a smaller font for your name or headline
  • Shorten your headline if it’s wider than your name

If you’ve got a beautiful page, tell us about it!