Getting started with and Pinterest

We’re big fans of Pinterest here at (some of us more than others).  And we’re excited to announce that the Pin it button is now available on your page.

With the addition of the Pin it button it’s easier than ever to quickly share your favorite pages with the Pinterest community. In just one click, you can add it to any Board you have on Pinterest. And like the other one-click share buttons, you can enable or disable the Pin it button at the Settings tab of your Edit view.

At our own Pinterest account, we’re looking forward to creating some epic Boards based on the amazing pages we see every day. As you can see from the photo above, we’re just getting started.

Have an idea for a board? Get one started or let us know!

5 responses to Getting started with and Pinterest

  1. Luxury Accommodations Blog

    As you probably know already, we are big fans of and we think the Pinterest button is a very welcomed addition. Thank you for constantly updating this amazing service!

  2. That’s a great notice ! I’m soooo happy for this new Pin it button!

  3. Yeah, cool, but what about being able to add Pinterest as a Service on my page? This is a glaring omission at the moment! Is this because it’s still officially in beta mode??


  4. lauraglu

    Hi Steve –
    Pinterest would need to release an API that would allow to display content. Once that’s available any developer can use the SDK to add Pinterest as a service.

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