Supporting passion, with David Freeman

My name is David Freeman and my passion is FITNESS. Freeman’s Fitness is a brand that was created one day in 2007.  I was asked what style of training is it that I do, and I responded with Freeman’s Fitness.

What is Freeman’s Fitness? Freeman’s Fitness speaks to every age group regardless of fitness level.  It’s a brand that enables people to believe again, and that “IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING”. I always tell my team members, “MIND RIGHT BODY RIGHT” and to apply that to life everyday and you will always come out on top. came across my path as I was flying to Boston to teach a TRX course.  After boarding the flight, I saw the advertising for numerous times.  It seems like every time I looked up it was on, I would try and take a nap and sure enough when I opened my eyes there it was again. I took this as a sign, and when I finally landed and got to my hotel I created my page. Once my page was created and I saw the contest that was having, I never looked back.  It was at that moment that I realized that this would be an opportunity for all of FREEMAN’S FITNESS Supporters, and Fitness Freaks around the world voices to be heard loud and clear in TIMES SQUARE.

When I received the email that Freeman’s Fitness would be apart of‘s debut and featured in TIMES SQUARE the feeling was great! However, the best part about it all was, and is that my team, and everyone that voted from around the world voices were heard, and would be echoed in Times Square. My page says and ask it all “MIND RIGHT BODY RIGHT” HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

DREAMING EYES OPEN 2 from david freeman on Vimeo. created a platform for Fitness, and other businesses as well. The most unique part about this site is how it’s a one stop shop for all your social networks. This is huge because the social media epidemic is constantly on a rise and you now have the ability to direct anyone to your virtual rollercoaster of life.



3 responses to Supporting passion, with David Freeman

  1. Marvine Freeman

    So proud of you!! Each day presents us with fresh opportunities to allow mercy, strength, and grace of God to intervene in our lives. I
    ( David Freeman) press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Philippians 3:12

  2. Nancy Stanford

    As always, I am very impress by your strenght and everything that you do David! Thank You for sharing always (:

    Nancy- Cali

  3. Liz Flanagan

    You are truly one of a kind. A great person with a great attitude and a big heart. Keep it up…you inspire more than you know!!

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