I want to ride my bicycle

Exploring tags can inspire. Stumbling through cyclists I discovered Amaya Williams, above, on a quest to cycle every country on the planet. Another cycling adventurer is Vaibhav Desai, on an expedition for a green, sustainable and peaceful future.

Looking for your own cycling adventure? Check out Chris Ganeff, who guides people on biking expeditions in places like Canada, Italy, China and Morocco.

Making an impact in another way is Jonathan Rabinowitz, “Proprietor of Aqueduct Logistics Systems, a New York City based environmentally friendly cargo delivery service, specializing in catering and bulk food distribution.”

An appropriately named page is Keith Keller’s Senor FixIt, a bicycle mechanic by trade. Gerard Thomas designs bikes as does Chris Steffanoni.

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  1. How awesome and inspiring! It’s a coincidence because I know of someone who would like to connect with bicycle partners to ride from Seattle to Boston. If you’re interested in connecting, click this link for more info: http://sumaz.in/yHMMtX

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