We work hard and play hard!

It’s not uncommon to find team members discussing projects late at night and over the weekends. We often have intense multi-day design discussions alongside daily firefighting talks in our Campfire chat room, not to mention our aggressive weekly release schedule.

Recipe for a disaster you say? Typically the answer would be a resounding yes – but what makes all this bearable (and even enjoyable) is how much fun we have doing all these things! From team events like pushing the weekly beer cart

and winning the AOL Palo Alto mini-golf contest

to wearing silly costumes around the office like this

and this

to “decorating” cubicles of unsuspecting team members on vacation.  Here’s a new ergonomic chair that also increases productivity by eliminating trips to the restroom.

When I recently came back from vacation, I was greeted by this disturbing image.

Probably the best prank was completely disassembling Luke’s cube and turning it into the About.me lounge area.  Not sure how we can top this one…

So, I’m happy to say that while we push ourselves to constantly improve the site, we are having a good time doing it!