My Ancient Rebellion

Contest winners Enation have a new album out today, “My Ancient Rebellion.” Watch the video below to learn where the title came from and to hear some of the music.

Their page has links to listen to more and buy the album.

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  1. Nancy Toth

    Thank you so much for featuring Enation on your blog! I love their music and hope many others will too once they hear their music.

  2. Jeannine

    Thanks so much for helping to promote Enation! I’ve had the pleasure of meeting them and hearing them play live and I can honestly say they are not only very talented, but also humble, appreciative and just plain real! They make it so easy to be a fan which is a big part of how/why they won your contest. The 5 fantabulous members of Enation deserve every good thing that comes their way…including a billboard in Times Square!!!

  3. Ashley

    Thanks for promoting Enation. They are an amazing band and deserves every good thing that comes their way.

  4. Karen Hall

    Thank you so much! for featuring Enation on your blog. I cannot think of 5 more down to earth guys. They appreciate all their fans, and take the time out to communicate with them through Facebook, Twitter and Email. Their music really has a way of touching your soul. I am so happy they won the campaign! I cannot think of anyone more deserving, they were worth voting for everyday. Now that they are on the the Times Square Billboard thanks to your campaign, more and more people will learn about Enation, and will be touched by their AMAZING!!! music.

  5. Candice

    Thank you, About.Me, for featuring this awesome band! Good to know your company values quality, positive people using your site!

  6. Stephanie---- @soapfanfiction

    Thank you so much! for featuring Enation on your blog, And for choosing this incredible band to showcase to not only their fans but a new audience of people who can now see and hear these 5 men of talent, heart, peace, truth, faith and most of all social awareness and conscience.

    They have always showed their fans how incredible they are and we are so proud that more people will now be made to share their music and thier souls.

    For all the new listeners and followers if you want to have a great concert experience then don’t miss the Enation tour…not only in OCT but tickets are now on sale for thier East Coast tour in Feburary 2012.

  7. Tracy

    Thank you for featuring the very talented Enation! These 5 truly special guys are the genuine article. They breathe a passion into their music that touches the soul.

  8. Andrea K.

    So much gratitude to send your way for featuring Enation on your blog, and giving them an opportunity of a lifetime with the Billboard exposure. I have felt for some time that they deserve a wider fan base–their music should be heard! It is a rarity these days to find a band that puts their heart and soul into creating their music-and they appreciate their fans.
    Thanks again!

  9. April Ruiz

    Thank you sooo much for mentioning Enation in your blog this week. Getting Enation out there not only helps people know who they are but also what they stand for. They are very talented and kind hearted. thanks to others will get to see and hear that as well..

  10. Christina Operhall

    Thank you so much for featuring Enation. I am so proud to be fan of this wonderful band. No one else is quite more deserving of this. They are super nice guys and they work so hard and put out amazing, beautiful, and soulful music. I can’t wait for the entire world to hear them. 🙂 They won’t regret it.

  11. Alice Hickman

    Thank you for featuring Enation on your blog. They are so caring in everything they do for charities and their fans. We (fans) appreciate all the attention you are bringing to them.

  12. Michele

    Crazy about this band’s music and thank you for choosing them. Voting everyday for them was the least I could do for these talented musicians. Got the new album and love it.

  13. Christian Sain

    So in love with this band, they are truly unique and inspiring. They do so much to help those in need, and in a day when the world just seems a harsh place to live in a times it needs a band like E to lift the spirits and rock at the same time! I’ve never been touched so much by music before so thank you for featuring Enation on your blog!

  14. We are thankful to you for such sharing such beautiful post with us. We glad and want to say many thanks for mentioning Enation on your blog! I love their music.

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