On Broadway

The about.me team is in New York to celebrate with our winners.  In honor of New York, here are some Broadway-based about.me pages. Above, Jim Cooney is a choreographer from everything from The Today Show to Broadway productions. He’s not the only one.

With an impressive acting background Natalie Douglas is also an accomplished singer. Look for samples and more details at her website.

Michael’s experience runs the gamut, from Director to Actor. Click through the links to see videos and explore the websites representing his projects.

6 responses to On Broadway

  1. lauraglu

    Agreed! It’s always interesting to explore and find these profiles to feature.

  2. Hey guys! Congratulations on winning. But you have to admit I did pretty good for A Pooch.

    I think if I showed up on one of those times square billboards, About Me would have gotten a lot more publicity. Having A Pooch there would have showed even more diversity!

    After all its not everyday a recycled dog who recycles would get a chance to let everyone know recycling is so easy even A Pooch can do it.

    Just Google Max A Pooch or go to my website http://www.maxapooch.com to learn about me!

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