Pick a palette

The combinations of colors you can use on your about.me page are nearly endless.  So which should you choose to represent yourself? There are a number of tools online to help find and match colors.  A longtime favorite is Kuler.

Kuler has thousands of color combinations generated by its community. It’s easy to get lost in all the cool combinations. You can create your own palettes based on your favorites or from scratch. Put them to the test by letting the community rate them.

Colourlovers provides inspirations and adds some context to the palette you pick.  A blog and community based on colors, patterns and trends in the space, Colourlovers has its own Tools section in addition to category specific Channels.

Need some extra help picking out the shade you see online?  Colorzilla can help. Coordinate with your background using Pictaculous. It creates a palette in Kuler or Colourlovers based on an image you upload.

Once you have the right mix of colors, add each 6 digit hex code in your Colors tab.

Updating your palette is a quick and easy way to refresh the look of your page. Are there any color tools we missed?

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  1. Thanks for the tip on this AWESOME site! It sure beat me having to whip out my color wheel all the time and trying to match from that! LOL

  2. You bet Daniel! It is easy to spend a bunch of time at these sites playing with the different color combinations!

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