Directory update

Have you seen? We refreshed all of the profiles featured in our directory, from Spotlight to Inspirational. The directory is a great place to get ideas for how to best present yourself on your page.

If you are interested in getting featured, speak up! Participate in the comment section on different blog posts, tweet or share your page to our Facebook wall. We hope you enjoy the updates!

11 responses to Directory update

  1. Hey, guys!
    Love your featured section. Keep it going!

    How often profile thumbnails changes? I edit my design but search gives me an old look for a couple days.

  2. The Beat Dolls would love to be in your spotlight directory!!!

    We want to be the face of!

  3. You guys are really on to something here, I love the concept and implementation, any ideas on getting these site to be more mobile friendly?

  4. I LOVE – it’s such an ingenious idea, and something everyone totally needs with how many social media outlets there are! Everyone is going to have a page, everyone, I just know it! Even businesses, what a great, artistic way to condense all of your online activity into one easily readable space. Brilliant!

  5. Hi Ryan,
    I am participating in the contes of that I find very interesting, a good operation of marketing, but I now have discovered reading well that just from the america can be participated.
    Now, considering that on all the profiles there is the possibility of vote, I live in Italy and I am in the top 5, with my profile Ibut…….I cannot win.
    This for me is around a taking. Because if the vote is open to all the profiles of the world, so the contest should be able to be defeated from every country of the world. No? I wait for an explanation. Good job. Gian Luca

  6. I love the simplicity of your interface and neatness of your presentation of us, the users. The only thing is, why didn’t I think if this first 🙂


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