The home team

Baron Batch isn’t the only athlete using We see amazing athletic pages every day! Big mountain skiier Mark Kogelmann recently created his page where he not only promotes himself, but the brands he represents.

Professional golfer Andia Winslow provides less of an action shot, instead using to share her social networks. Check out her videos on YouTube!

Chris Canty, defensive end for the New York Giants, provides a complete bio on his page, as well as an invite to the gun show.

Have you seen other athletes on What are your favorites?

2 responses to The home team

  1. This is really cool because it provides a platform for athletes, models, politicians and other famous people to have full control over how they promote themselves and their causes. I would not be surprised if (about dot me) became the new “Facebook” where people go to to connect to the people that inspire them.

  2. Laura Helen Winn

    That’s a great point, Hager! Thanks for sharing. We appreciate all of our users – that’s part of why I love it so much.

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