Celebrating Our Favorite Teachers

This May, we’re all about education at about.me.

Yesterday, we launched campus.about.me that empowers college students and celebrates the college experience. We also want to take time to appreciate the teachers in our about.me community who support students on their journeys.

Álvaro Pascual Sanz who heads off this post teaches math, physics, chemistry and technology in Segovia, Spain. Teaching allows Sanz to constantly learn from his students and innovate his methods.

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An Educator and his Online Identity

On Monday, Kelli Marshall mentioned about.me in her article in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “How to Curate Your Digital Identity as an Academic“. In it she emphasized the importance to educators of managing their online reputations and identities and ways to do that.

Today we’re pleased to present our in depth interview with high school educator, E. Delfin. We are excited to have had the chance to speak with him about who he is and how he uses about.me to manage his personal and professional identity online.

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Technology, Dedication & Passion: Teachers

We couldn’t agree more with the quote written on Jennifer Schnidman Medbery‘s hands above, “What do teachers make? A difference.” Due to their dedication to helping us learn, most of us have at least one or two teachers who are still dear to us for the impact they made on our lives. But we probably didn’t know them very well outside of education. That’s why today we’d like to feature teachers on about.me and learn what they like to do, what makes them tick, etc.

We love that Camile Betances uses the picture of herself from her own photography studio to show off her part time work as a photographer. It’s also fun to see how E. Delfin uses his page to showcase the works he’s painted on teachers’ podiums at his school. Then there’s Robert Pronovost who links to his his blog where others can see the creativity he’s applying to both the classroom and his own home (with his own homemade doorbell!).

As you browse these teacher’s pages, have a listen to this song made by another creative teacher.

Caitlin Conroy A first grade teacher and cheerleading coach, Caitlin Conroy enjoys dancing and crafting in her spare time.

Alvaro Pascual Sanz Álvaro Pascual Sanz is a STEM teacher in Segovia, Spain.

Camile Betances Camile Betances has been nominated and won awards for her teaching at high schools in South Florida.

Robert Pronovost We’re impressed by Robert Provonost‘s credentials as a Stanford STEP graduate and advocate for using tech to improve student’s lives.

Amanda Hack In our experience, art teachers usually pretty awesome. Amanda Hack is no exception with this amazing picture she created for her background.

Marc TuruMarc Turu is a proud primary school teacher from Spain now living & working in the U.K.

Becky GreenhowBecky Greenhow is a teacher addicted to learning, social media and children’s books.

David Wright An Ohio high school teacher, David Wright also recently completed a graduate degree in Library and Information Science.

Catherine Flippen FLAGeorgia Teacher of the Year 2014, Catherine Flippen hosts a weekly YouTube show for educators to discuss innovative topics in education.

E. DelfinE. Delfin is an English teacher who likes Snoopy and is a DJ in his spare time.

Leslie Smith Leslie Smith is “An English teacher with a large collection of books and cardigans”, as evidenced by her beautiful background picture.

Know any other groups of cool people who use about.me? Leave us a note about it in the comment section so we can feature them!

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