Marija Mladenovic

How Music Helps Drive Discovery

Regardless of what language you speak, music is a constant between us all. For these three students, that’s definitely the case.  With varying studies from politics to hotel management, they always make time for their first love: music. Take a look into the lives of these three students to see how music helps them discover and pursue their other passions. 

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Finding Balance: Singer Tara Mackey

January is “The Month of Music” on our blog and we’ve been taking the opportunity to interview users from all facets of the music industry including DJs Lissa Monet and E. Delfin and music blogger Jacklyn Krol.

Today, we’re excited to be featuring singer, Tara Mackey, who also happens to be a biologist, model, writer and actress. We interviewed her about how she manages to be all these things at once (and still maintain sanity!) and about her new book, Cured By Nature.

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One Student’s Journey from Blogging to The Grammys

Not many college students can say that their life consists of meeting top artists like Nick Jonas and Adam Levine, or interning for the Grammy Awards. For Jacklyn Krol, that’s not the case.

When this self-proclaimed music fanatic realized that popular music sites weren’t giving her what she wanted, she started the music blog Stage Right Secrets to feed her appetite and offer a more unique experience to music fans fans.

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Living the Music: Lissa Monet

Some people love music but Lissa Monet lives it.

It seems the Lissa has always been surrounded by music, even as a child. She recalls growing up with her parents from Trinidad & Tobago and Granada and there always being a huge Soca and Reggae presence in her home. Then, in elementary school her parents would set an alarm for her that turned on an 80’s radio station to wake her up. In high school she went to the Cardinal Academy for the Arts and studied Music. There she was introduced to classical and choral music as well as music theory and musical composition.

But her musical education didn’t stop in the classroom, she would listen to music in the shower, while studying for exams, before going to bed and on long subway rides. And so she began comparing music styles from the classical era to current music, noting the similarities and differences.

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In the Studio with Video Game Music Artist Idan Egozy

Last Friday you may have seen some of our favorite deskies and today we’re excited to continue our Deskie series with Idan Egozy.

“Do what you love and the money will follow” is a quote job seekers and college students often hear. But it’s not always the case you get to do what you love. You could say Idan is one of the lucky ones.

With a perpetual love for video games and music, as young adult he also developed a deeper love for music and decided to study it in college. When he graduated from university with a degree in music production he figured it just made sense to combine these two loves and become a Video Game Music Artist.

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A Journey Through Music with DJs

“Music is so powerful, powerful enough to re-live memories of a moment in life. I want them (my listeners) to experience those great moments while taking a journey with me.”
Diskino on music and DJing

[protected-iframe id=”62e6d0ae557cd1b4eb480a9f1fed8f5c-21720689-62622207″ info=”″ ]

Since today’s post is on DJs, let’s kick it off with some music from our post header, Disco Pleasure. An Italian DJ duo consisting of Stefano Spadaro aka “Smith” and Lorenzo Lucenti aka “Renziux”, they’ve come together to create pieces influenced by funk and disco music of the 70’s and 80’s. We find it delightful (and hope you do too) so go ahead and press play. 

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