No Ordinary Sculpture Artist: Sienna Martz

Entering into Sienna Martz’s home studio, you might find her working in the midst of bolts of silk, piles of wool, styrofoam, yarn, or even thousands of q-tips. Not exactly what you might expect to find in a sculpture artist’s studio. But this 24-year old is no ordinary sculpture artist.

Growing up with a composer and fine artist father and a mother working in fashion magazines, Sienna was imbued with a passion for art and interest in fashion at a young age.  The idea of creating things (paintings, sculptures, etc) was always just “second nature” to her and the thought of being a professional artist didn’t occur to her until later.

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Control What You Share with Intro

Last week we talked about the history of the business card and how it has evolved from a personal “calling card” to one primarily for business.

But in this digital age, when much of our personal and professional information is just a Google search away from the name on our business cards, it makes sense for business cards to present more than just a few bare facts. That’s not to say you should link a Google Search of you to your business cards, you should have the power to control what you share with others in an attractive and organized way. With and Intro, we’re making that possible.

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The Evolution of the Business Card

Business cards, or some form or them, have been around since 15th century China when royals used them as a way to announce a visit to a town’s residents.

Around the 17th century, the use of “calling cards” spread to the masses, mainly as a way for a person to show that he or she had stopped by for a visit. But there were other uses for them too and the rules governing the size and shape of the calling card, when to leave it and when to send it followed a strict code.

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Six Steps to Make a Great First Impression

Today’s post comes to us from our friend, Patrick Ewers, an executive coach and the founder of Mindmaven. You can find him on Twitter @PatrickEwers.

Let’s face it – meeting someone for the first time can be intimidating. The first 5-10 seconds can be the most important in making a great impression. If you can ace that portion, you are likely to deliver a powerful and positive experience.

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At the Web Summit in Dublin with June Carmody

At last week’s Web Summit in Dublin, Ireland, I had the chance to see some fascinating talks, including this chat with Tony Conrad and Matt Mullenweg (co-founder of WordPress) led by Laurie Segall.

I also had the opportunity to meet amazing people from around the world, including some avid fans like Community Manager, June Carmody who was there representing Memeoirs.

A Dublin native, I met June and her team members at the “Night Summit” as I wandered around looking for real Irish food. Originally thinking fish and chips, June quickly explained that was more British than Irish and steered our group to a traditional Irish pub called The Harry Lemon. She recommended their Guinness pie and as I sat devouring it, our conversation turned towards Ireland, her travels abroad, work and the conference itself.

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How College Students Can Leave A Lasting Impression

Some opportunities only come around once. And when they do, you have to nail it. Making a lasting impression falls into this category. So what do you do when you meet someone that you want to remember you?

On a regular basis, college students find themselves in positions of wanting to make a powerful connection. Say you just interviewed with an employer that you met at a job fair and you want to stand out from everyone else who gave them a paper resume. Or, maybe you’d like to keep in touch with an alumnus of your university that you met on campus. Better yet, how do you get and keep the attention of someone that you have a crush on?

Sure you could friend request them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter, connect with them on LinkedIn, ask for their phone number or e-mail address, or give them a business card, if you have one. Or, you can keep it simple and memorable. Make an Intro.

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Writing Your Bio for Intro

Last Thursday we released our newest app, Intro, which allows you to take your page and easily turn it into a sharable digital business card that actually communicates your identity.

Normal business cards just give the basic facts of who you are, your name, where you work, but they don’t tell others who you are. So to find out more about you, your new contacts will likely turn to Google and land on whatever page they find first.  It could be your Twitter, Facebook or some other social media page, but none of those show the full picture of who you are. If you’re trying to put your best foot forward, sharing your page is the best way to showcase who you are, on your own terms.

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Discover the new Intro App

First impressions matter. This is why we created Intro

With our new app, released today in the App Store, you can take your page and easily turn it into a sharable digital business card that actually communicates your identity.

Even in this digital age, it’s difficult to exchange contact information. Do you hand someone a business card? Do you type your information into a stranger’s phone? Or, do reach out to them on social media?

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