Marketers and Photographers

This week’s community members are marketing and communication gurus and photographers with wide ranging specialities. Hailing from France, New Zealand, Nova Scotia and Spain, these talented professionals span the globe.

Matthias Etienne Contius who heads off this post, is an art lover, creative thinker and idea catalyst specializing in marketing and advertising. Matthias lives in Paris, France and believes nothing is more exciting than communication done well.

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Developers and Creatives: Staff Picks

This week, we recognize our favorite developers and creatives. These Staff Picks tackle new ideas in unconventional and exciting ways. They utilize their Backstories and Collections to give people a look into their career paths and to keep track of people who inspire them.

Heading off our post is Carlos McCants, an ambitious go-getter and a two time first-generation college student. Carlos uses his Backstory to describe his work experience founding his own clothing company and working as a Development Coordinator at Arkansas State University. 

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Senators, Child Stars and Creatives: Staff Picks

Our Staff Picks page is particularly star-studded this week with senators, child stars and creatives, among many others. Just below are our four of our favorites from this week. Be sure and take a minute to browser their pages and don’t forget to leave them some compliments!

Heading up our post this week is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. A life-long New Yorker, Kirsten is passionate about her state, her family and getting more women involved in politics.

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Creatives, Anthropologists and Bloggers: Staff Picks

Last week’s Staff Picks were full of fascinating people with great stories to tell and we’re excited to say that this Saturday’s group is no different!

Let’s start with the amazing header photo of cultural anthropologist, Danna Kress. Her curiosity about people, culture and brands has taken her on projects all over the world including China, Australia, Russia and Europe working for companies like Hershey’s, Southwest Airlines and Sea World. Take a look at her page to send her a compliment. 

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